AAMD Fellows (FAAMD)

Congratulations to the New AAMD Fellow

Matt Tobler, CMD, RT(T), FAAMD

Read about Matt Tobler's professional contributions and accomplishments.

Matt Tobler

The honorary category of Fellow is bestowed upon members who have made outstanding contributions to the medical dosimetry profession and to the AAMD. This category was developed within the AAMD to honor members who were dedicated to the organization and whose contributions to the profession were meritorious. Members elevated to Fellow earn the right to use the designation "FAAMD" following their professional credentials.


  • Length of membership
  • Meritorious service to the AAMD
  • Meritorious service to the profession

Four pathways:

  • Leadership/service
  • Research
  • Patient care
  • Education

The AAMD values contributions to all four areas, however each nominee needs to have a truly outstanding contribution to at least one of the four pathways to be named Fellow.

AAMD Fellows will be inducted at a convocation ceremony at the AAMD Annual Meeting. Fellows will be acknowledged at the meeting and on the Fellows page on the website, and will be awarded a distinctive medallion and lapel pin.

To apply to be elevated to Fellow status, a candidate must contact the current chair of the AAMD Fellows Advisory Group, and together they will select a current Fellow to act as his/her Sponsor. Once the application is submitted, it is forwarded to the members of the Fellows Committee for evaluation. Upon completion of a thorough review for compliance with the established criteria, the committee may recommend (to the Board of Directors) elevation to this prestigious level. Candidates not meeting the criteria on the initial attempt may reapply.


August 31: Request a Sponsor
October 1: Application due to Sponsor
November 1: Application due back to applicant from Sponsor
December 15: Final application due to AAMD 
January: Board of Directors Meeting - approval of Fellows
January/February: Within two weeks of Board of Directors' decision, applicant notified by formal letter


Current Fellow Recipients

2010 - Mary Hare
2012 - Nishele Lenards
2012 - Lon Marsh
2013 - Robert Adams
2013 - Theresa Kwiatkowski
2014 - Paula Berner, Chair
2014 - Anne Marie Vann
2015 - Melanie Dempsey
2021 - Matt Tobler


AAMD Fellows Mentoring Program

All AAMD members in good standing are encouraged to download the Fellows application, work through the application, and determine where they are lacking points.

Once they have determined what categories they need to acquire points in, they are encouraged to contact the current Fellows Chair, who will connect them with a Fellow who will mentor them. The mentoring program will place a special emphasis on developing presentations and in writing scientific articles that are appropriate for submission to peer-reviewed journals in the field of medical dosimetry.

Fellow Documents

The Fellow Application is now available. Click on the link below to download the interactive form and submit the completed application to your sponsor.

AAMD Fellows Grant

Designed specifically to assist AAMD members interested in achieving AAMD Fellowship. The application is available on the Foundation website.

Application Fee


If you have questions about the Fellows' application process, please contact AAMD at: 703-677-8071 or