Outreach to AAMD Members

The AAMD offers direct access to 3,000+ engaged, medical dosimetrists. Each AAMD member is a leader in the field who regularly invests in personal and professional excellence. Outreach to AAMD members includes multiple layers of selections — ranging from geographic location to professional credentials — to help target your desired audience and that earns you the best available response rate for your mailing. For more information on any of the below outreach options or to request quantities (counts) of customized selections, please contact Whitney O'Donnell at

AAMD is happy to work with you to fulfill your marketing efforts!

Direct Mail

The AAMD mailing list is is updated frequently throughout the year to ensure that names are up-to-date when you need them. The list undergoes regular data cleaning to ensure that each name is at a current, deliverable address. Once a copy of your mailing piece is approved by AAMD, you will be provided with a one-time use list with names and primary mailing addresses.

Direct Mail List Order Form

Sponsored Email

AAMD will work with you to coordinate the best day/time to email your content to all active AAMD members. Simply provide the HTML content and AAMD will do the rest! To purchase a sponsored email, contact Whitney O'Donnell at to discuss logistics, pricing, and invoicing options.

NOTE: The AAMD doesn't rent its email lists to outside organizations.

Member Surveys

If you are looking to survey AAMD members for a special project, please complete the Survey Intake Form, which is required for review by the AAMD Membership Committee and AAMD Board of Directors. Only requests from AAMD members and/or students enrolled in a JRCERT-accredited medical dosimetry program will be considered. Please note that the approval process for survey requests may take up to 1-2 months.

Survey Intake Form