RAD-AID International

RAD-AID AAMD Partnership News

April 2021: AAMD and RAD-AID have announced the award of funding for 4 AAMD Members to participate in the 2021 Certificate of Proficieny in Global Health Radiation and Radiation Oncology. Learn more.

RAD-AID AAMD Global Medical Dosimetry Program

**Special Information Session for all RAD-AID medical dosimetry opportunities** View January 13, 2021 recorded session.

AAMD has partnered with RAD-AID International to collaborate on a program designed to give medical dosimetrists the opportunity to contribute to the health care needs of low-resource regions around the world.  RAD-AID and the AAMD have teamed up to offer funded opportunities to support medical dosimetrists interested in volunteering in underserved regions of the world. Participants will join RAD-AID’s project teams in international initiatives designed to improve access to quality radiation therapy for populations in need. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum of 3 years certification as a medical dosimetrist
  • Full CMD Member of AAMD
  • Currently employed as a clinical medical dosimetrist

Additional volunteer opportunities with RAD-AID Radiation Oncology are available for non-clinical medical dosimetrists. To learn more about the program, visit the RAD-AID Global Medical Dosimetry Program webpage.

Certificate of Proficiency Global Health Radiology and Radiation Oncology

AAMD has also partnered with RAD-AID to offer funding for the RAD-AID Certificate of Proficiency Global Health Radiology and Radiation Oncology, which offers formal training to radiology and radiation oncology professionals interested in receiving hands-on learning, instruction, and structured guidance for conducting international health projects. The course runs April through October. For more information and application details, visit the RAD-AID website.

Legion Healthcare Partners

Proton Beam Medical Dosimetry Program

The AAMD and Legion Healthcare Partners are working together to provide comprehensive proton therapy education for medical dosimetrists. Learn about the Proton Beam Medical Dosimetry Certificate Program