Volunteer with AAMD

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Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee was formed in 2002 to oversee the annual meeting process. The committee is charged with the planning, development, and execution of the AAMD annual educational conferences in collaboration with the board of directors, executive director, marketing, accounting, and contracted meeting planner. The committee oversees and assists Regional Representatives with AAMD regional meetings. (Committee is full for 2019)


Career Services Committee

The Career Services Committee provides timely information to the membership regarding medical dosimetry employment opportunities. The committee also explores other opportunities for the membership regarding employment matters.  


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee serves to promote the medical dosimetry profession by managing the flow of information between the AAMD members and the community. The communication efforts assist in outreach to other external organizations and communities as well as within the organization itself. Common activities include communication with external communities of interest, member communication, promotion of profession.


Continuing Education Committee

The CE Committee was formed in 2012 to promote and support the continuing education of the medical dosimetry community. Responsibilities of the committee include developing, selecting, and organizing online CE modules and webinars for the membership. The CE Committee is also responsible for assisting with the review and organization of educational sessions and workshops offered at the annual meeting in collaboration with the Annual Conference Committee.


Directed Journal Reading Committee

The Directed Journal Reading (DJR) Committee provides continuing education opportunities by developing and publishing quizzes, approved by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board (MDCB) for credit, on the AAMD website.

Journal Editorial Board

The Journal Editorial Board is directly involved in handling assigned manuscripts from the Editor-in-Chief. Journal Editorial Board committee members will assess manuscript relevance and make publication recommendations based off independent reviews. Participation is ongoing and members can expect to spend about 1 hour each week fulfilling duties.


Formal Education Committee

The Formal Education Committee is a multi-tasking group that crafts not only formal educational medical dosimetry documents but formal professional medical dosimetry documents as well. The responsibilities of this committee include review, revision, and creation of these documents, such as the medical dosimetry job description, the medical dosimetry practice standards, and other professional tasks as assigned by the AAMD Board. The committee's responsibilities for promoting and supporting formal accredited medical dosimetry education include revision and update of educational curriculum, development and maintenance of educator's and student's resource sections of the website, facilitation of medical dosimetry student involvement in AAMD sponsored meetings, collaboration with the MDCB to ensure that the AAMD curriculum guidelines are reflective of current MDCB Task Analysis Studies, responding to JRCERT in regards to educational program standards for accreditation, making certain that the JRCERT Curriculum Analysis Grid is current as curriculum is updated, involving medical dosimetry educators in committee activities and the AAMD in general, and developing a study guide for the certification exam that is given by the MDCB.


Membership Committee

The AAMD Membership Committee is responsible for creating and implementing strategies for the growth and development of the membership through recruitment and retention as well as promoting and achieving awareness of membership benefits. The committee surveys the membership to identify their needs and recommends services to meet those needs. The committee works to welcome and acknowledge new members and to encourage participation in the organization all the while promoting the organization and maintaining the integrity of the membership.


Nominations and Volunteer Committee

The Nominations and Volunteer Committee is primarily tasked with soliciting and verifying potential candidates to serve on the AAMD Board of Directors as well as Regional Representatives and committee co-chairs while adhering to organizational bylaws. Committee Co-Chairs maintain committee policies and procedures, maintain communication with the Board of Directors, and provide an Annual Report to the membership.