Continuing Education Overview

The AAMD CE Center aims to offer a variety of continuing education (CE) opportunities for medical dosimetrists to maintain their CMD through MDCB. The AAMD and the MDCB are two separate organizations, with two different purposes. The MDCB is the credentialing organization responsible for establishing certification and continuing education standards to enhance quality patient care.  

The AAMD offers continuing education designed to enhance your knowledge, improve your performance, and satisfy your re-certification requirements. The CE activities offered through the AAMD are available as follows:

  • Directed Journal Readings: selected Medical Dosimetry articles are available as online self-paced activities with a quiz for CE credit(s).
  • Recorded Presentations: recorded presentations offered for online viewing with a quiz for CE credit. 
  • Virtual Meetings: recorded annual or regional meeting presentations offered for online viewing with a quiz for CE credit. NOTE: Any attendee who was present during the live meeting presentation can view the ‘virtual meeting’ but will not receive additional credit.
  • Live Webinars: live online presentations during which attendees can submit questions and comments with a quiz for CE credit. These webinars are available as Recorded Presentations after the live events. A quiz needs to be completed for CE credits.

CE Credits included in AAMD Membership

As an AAMD Member, you receive an annual allotment of CE Credits to use each calendar year in the CE Center. The credit allowances are based on membership type as follows:

Full CMD Members: 12 CE Credits
Professional Associate Member: 12 CE Credits
MemberPlus: 25 CE Credits
Students: 25 CE Credits
International: 25 CE Credits
Review member benefits and dues

Members can purchase additional CE credits in the CE Center for $20/credit.

Non-members can purchase CE Credits in the CE Center for $35/credit.

The AAMD offers free education to members and non-members during the National Medical Dosimetrist’s Day annual celebration in August. Typically, up to 5 additional CE Credits are offered free of charge.

Also, the AAMD will occasionally have sponsored CE activities that are free. These free activities will NOT count against a member's CE allowance.


CE Credit Tracking

  • MDCB Credits
    • All AAMD CE activities are approved for MDCB credits
    • Automatic upload of credits to MDCB Learning Plans occurs within 72 hours of completion. For AAMD to be able to transfer credits, MDCB numbers need to be listed in one's AAMD Profile.  
  • ARRT Credits
    • On May 1, 2020, the AAMD started approving, tracking, and transferring ARRT Category A Credits earned through AAMD activities for AAMD members only.
    • The Category A Credits are based on calculations set forth by the ARRT. The number of credits available may be different from those approved by MDCB.
    • AAMD will transfer credits to ARRT on the 14th and 28th of each month. For AAMD to be able to transfer credits, AAMD members need to include their ARRT ID# and DOB in their AAMD Profile.  

Q & A

Is there a maximum number of credits I can earn through the AAMD?
No. AAMD members are allotted 12 CE Credits as part of their paid membership dues ($200). However, you can purchase additional credits at $20 per credit or choose to upgrade to our Member PLUS membership, which gives you a total of 25 credits for just $75 extra. Please contact Whitney O’Donnell at if you have questions about upgrading your membership.

What is the cost per credit for any CE credits that I want to purchase beyond the credits included with my membership?
Member          $20/credit

Non-Member  $35/credit

How can I help expand the CE opportunities offered by AAMD?
One goal of the AAMD is to stay current with specific educational needs for all members. We welcome any input in order to create meaningful CE activities. Here are ways you can help:

  • Contact with ideas for topics, presenters, and content
  • Present a recorded presentation
  • Help recruit presenters for activities within the CE Center