Salary and Workforce Surveys

2019 Salary Survey

The AAMD has closed the 2019 Salary Survey. Thank you to the 920 members who completed the survey. The 2019 medical dosimetry salary data is currently being analyzed and will be published later this fall. Once it is available, we will notify all AAMD members.

2020 AAMD Workforce Survey

Under the direction of the MedDos Infinity Task Group, the AAMD is undertaking a comprehensive study of the medical dosimetry workforce in order to gain insights on current issues and trends in medical dosimetry as well as to examine the growth and sustainability of the profession. Topics such as remote planning, changes to work situations due to COVID-19, clinical responsibilities and the incorporation of new technologies will all be addressed.

The survey is now closed. Thank you to the AAMD members who participated and provided their feedback. We greatly appreciate it! The survey results will be shared this fall.

2017 Salary Survey Report Is Available to Members

The 2017 Salary Survey was conducted in the spring of 2018 using 2017 salary data. Click here to read the complete report. NOTE: You will be prompted for your member login and password in order to access the report.