Salary and Workforce Surveys

2023 AAMD Salary Survey Results - Coming Soon!

Thank you to the 946 medical dosimetrists who participated in the survey. A detailed summary report based on the survey responses, including the data about compensation and benefits, will be available on the AAMD website for members only later this summer. All members will receive an email as soon as the report is completed. Stay tuned!

2021 AAMD Salary Survey Report

The 2021 Salary Survey was conducted in the summer of 2022 using 2021 salary compensation and benefits data. View the complete report.
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If you are not a member of AAMD and would like to purchase a copy of the report, please contact Director of Membership Whitney O'Donnell at

Updated Salary Calculator: AAMD members can use this handy tool, based on the 2021 Salary Survey data, to calculate specific salary ranges based on years of experience, geographic location, education and other criteria. Download the Salary Calculator.2020 AAMD Educators' Survey Report 

In the fall of 2020, the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) Formal Education Committee and the MedDos Infinity Task Group surveyed medical dosimetry educators in the United States to assess trends, needs, and challenges in clinical education. This report was prepared by Jacky Nyamwanda, MS, CAGS, CMD, and Lori Simmons, MS, CMD, with the assistance of Colleen Brogan-Raasch, BS, RT(R)(T), CMD, and Whitney O’Donnell, BS. The insights gained from this important survey, along with the Workforce Study findings, will be used to develop resources to support the formal education and training of medical dosimetrists.

Review the Educators' Survey Report.

A presentation of the survey results was given by Lori Simmons, MS, CMD, during the 2021 Educators' Workshop in July 2021. Access the presentation recording

2020 AAMD Workforce Study Reports 

Under the direction of the MedDos Infinity Task Group, the AAMD undertook a comprehensive study of the Medical Dosimetry workforce in 2020. The overarching goal of the Workforce Study was to help the AAMD and other stakeholders understand the current state of the Medical Dosimetry workforce as the profession prepares for future growth and development. Data was gathered from Medical Dosimetrists and other Radiation Oncology professionals and analyzed in the six reports listed below. What did the AAMD gain from this research?

  • Delineation of the current demographic makeup of the Medical Dosimetry workforce
  • Expression of the Medical Dosimetrist role in the clinic
  • Quantification of the work metrics of the Medical Dosimetrist
  • A working assessment of the future supply and demand for adequately trained Medical Dosimetry professionals

A presentation of the Workforce Study data and insights was given by the research project director, Michael Mills, PhD, during the AAMD Virtual 46th Annual Meeting on June 9, 2021. Access the presentation recording.

Workforce Study Reports

Download the reports using the links below. NOTE: Reports #2 – 6 are available to AAMD members only. You will be prompted for your member login and password in order to access the report.

Technical Report #1 – Executive Summary – Medical Dosimetry Workforce Study

Technical Report #2 – Membership Workforce Survey of Currently Active Medical Dosimetrists

Technical Report #3 – Staffing Model for Medical Dosimetry Practice

Technical Report #4 – Future Trends in the Supply of and Demand for Medical Dosimetrists

Technical Report # 5 – Survey of Radiation Oncology Professionals

Technical Report #6 – Interviews with Selected Medical Dosimetrists

2019 Salary Survey Report  

The 2019 Salary Survey was conducted in the summer of 2020 using 2019 salary data. View the complete report. NOTE: You will be prompted for your AAMD member login and password in order to access the report. For non-members wishing to purchase the 2019 Salary Survey Report, please contact Whitney O'Donnell at  

Salary Surveys prior to 2019 are available upon request. Please email for more information.