The MedDos Infinity Task Group Will Explore
the Infinite Possibilities for Your Dosimetry Future

The MedDos Infinity Task Group is comprised of a cross-section of medical dosimetrists from a variety of clinical environments and levels of experience. We also have task group participation from physicians, medical physicists, administrators and industry. Members of this task group are required to participate in monthly calls with a goal to present the group's initial findings at the AAMD 45th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, June 14 - 18, 2020.

Questions? Email MedDos Infinity Task Group Chair Brian Napolitano at 

Initial announcement sent to members and stakeholders (Spring 2019)

Medical Dosimetry Colleagues:

I have seen firsthand the sweeping evolution of the medical dosimetry profession during my 19 years of clinical work.  Our profession has adapted quickly to the clinical, technical, and societal demands that place us in a unique role within healthcare.  Like you, I wonder what the future of medical dosimetry holds in a changing landscape.  The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) also shares that interest as our professional voice. Our Board of Directors has worked on a comprehensive strategic plan for several months now, executing several strategies to address our immediate professional needs. We now wish to direct our collective energy into an inclusive dialogue about medical dosimetry’s potential.

It is important that we anticipate the demands of the dosimetry profession and lay groundwork for how we will influence the changing clinical environment, as our contributions to healthcare make countless lives better. As concepts such as artificial intelligence start to become incorporated into our work, we need to appreciate and enhance our shifting surroundings. Clinical decisions are increasingly based on improving quality, decreasing cost, and expanding patient access, so we must be effective in recognizing our professional value and demonstrating it throughout our circumstances. Our reality is that medicine continues to evolve at increasing rates of speed and complexity, so the AAMD’s mandate is humble: What does the future of medical dosimetry look like?

As we consider this modest yet expansive question, your collective wisdom is needed as we formulate the MedDos Infinity Task Group. If you are interested in contributing in this broad evaluation of our professional future, please submit an application of interest with your name, contact information, and a brief description (<250 words) of why you would like to be included in this initiative. We aspire to develop a framework that enhances our unique clinical expertise, embraces the role of technology, is financially sustainable, respects professional and regulatory requirements, and advocates for our profession to our patients and other healthcare providers.  We expect a vigorous debate and welcome criticism, as this charge is crucial to our future.

We invite your participation in the MedDos Infinity Task Group and welcome suggestions for those professionals with whom we should collaborate.


Brian Napolitano, MHL, CMD
AAMD Treasurer
Chair, MedDos Infinity Task Group