2016 Roswell Park/AAMD Meeting

Friday, September 9, 2016

Symposium: Prone Breast – Rationale, Simulation, Planning & Treatment

A Radiation Oncologist’s Perspective
Kilian Salerno, MD

A Therapist’s Perspective
Maria Durlak, RT(T)

A Physicist’s Perspective
Iris Wang, PhD, DABR

Dosimetrists’ Perspectives - Hackett
Dosimetrists’ Perspectives - Culp
Rachel Hackett, RT(T), CMD and Lee Culp, MS, RT(T), CMD

Patient Safety in Radiation Oncology in the Next Millennium
Harish Malhotra, PhD, DABR

Coding & Documentation Updates – Part I
Adam Brown, BSRT(T), CMD

Hippocampal Sparing: An Advancement to WBRT
Timothy Oh, BS, CMD

Coding & Documentation Updates, Part II
Adam Brown, BSRT(T), CMD

Potential Health Risks for Radiation Therapists
Steven de Boer, MSc, DABR

Discussion of the Future Role of the Dosimetrist-In the Knowledge-Based Planning Era: the Role of the Dosimetrist as a Predictive Model Creator / Administrator
Anthony Magliari, MS, CMD

How Does SBRT Work? Review of New Clinical Trials
Anurag Singh, MD


Saturday September 10, 2016

Feedback: A Vital Component in Radiation Therapy Student Clinical Education
Joan O’Brien, MSEd, RT(T)

Vaginal Sparing with Volumetric Arc Therapy for Rectal Cancer
Scott Boulet, BSc, RT(T)

Guidelines for Managing Radiotherapy Patients with Cardiac Implantable Devices
Daniel Bailey, PhD, DABR

Case Study: Melanoma of the Right Eyelid – Dose Coverage Versus Vision Conservation
Joanne Burgess, B App Sc (MRS RT) and Fiona Gordon, BAS, RT

How Does Nutrition Improve Radiation Outcomes?
Angela Currie, RD, CSO, LD

The Contour Conundrum: When Circle Cords Go Square
Lexie Smith-Raymond, MAdm, RT(R)(T), CMD

Radiation Therapy to the Left Breast Using Deep Inspiration Breath Hold
Vann Pith, BS, RT(T), CMD

Cancer Care on the Continuum

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy – A CMD’s Experience
Lee Hales, BSc, CM

Economic and Clinical Factors Leading to Fundamental Changes in Radiation Oncology
Mark Reid, BS, CMD

Emerging Technologies in Radiation Therapy
Lalith Kumaraswamy, PhD, DABR