Agenda and Handouts


AAMD Region VI Meeting
November 3-4, 2017


Friday, November 3, 2017

Documentation and Coding Updates Part 1
Ginger Simons, BA, RT(R)(T)

Hybrid VMAT/IMRT Approach to Traditional Cranio-Spinal Irradiation (CSI): A Case Study on Planning Techniques and Delivery
Catherine Cadieux, CMD, RT(T)

Prone Breast, Pre-Surgery. A case study; The OSU Way
Lee Culp, CMD, and Karla Kuhn, CMD

IMRT/SBRT Planning Tips and Tricks: 4D, FFF, VMAT, (And Other Stuff)
Christopher M. Wennerstrom, MS, DABR

Clinical Applications of Deformable Image Registration (Handouts are not available)
Adam Nelson, BS

Respiratory Management without the Bells and Whistles
Nicole Bunda-Randall, MS, DABR

Evaluation of a Novel Multi-Criteria Optimization Algorithm in a Commercially Available Treatment Planning System
Dominic DiCostanzo, MS, DABR

The Implementation of RapidPlan in Predicting Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Candidates with Left-sided Breast Cancer (Handouts are not available)
Aubrie Rice, BS, RT(T), and Ian Zoller, BS


Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Quest for Hakuna Matata - My Journey into Global Radiation Therapy Outreach
Regina Anne Ley, RT(T)

Robustness the End of the PTV and the Beginning of Smart Dose Cloud
Moe Siddiqui, CMD, RT(T)

Documentation and Coding Updates Part 2
Ginger Simons, BA, RT(R)(T)

Keeping Dosimetrists Current, Engaged, and Integrated in an Expanding Network
Mary McCauley, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Challenging Paradigms & Translating Research to Treatment Planning Tricks
Mubin Shaikh, MS, DABR

Lost Art of IMRT Planning
Kristen Krupela, CMD, and Gavin Graeper, MS

Learning from Each Other – Report on RO-ILS
Theresa Kwiatkowski, BS, CMD, RT(T), FAAMD