Poster Guidelines

The Poster Presentation at the AAMD Annual Meeting is an event whose purpose is to promote and encourage medical dosimetry professionals and students enrolled in a JRCERT accredited medical dosimetry program to pursue research activities within their clinical settings that can then be showcased as posters at the AAMD Annual Meeting.

Currently this is a non-competitive, peer reviewed process.

To find examples of last year's poster submissions click here.

Deadline for poster abstract submission is March 15, 2017.

Posters must be 4 feet wide X 4 feet high

Submission will include a minimum of 2 pages. One page with abstract and second page with supporting data.

Abstract limited to 500 words and will contain information from all sections of the poster (i.e. Introduction, Methods and Materials, Results, Discussion and Conclusions).

Second page supporting data can be tables, graphs, illustrations, etc.

Submission of 3 Learning Objectives (more information)

Release information to be included in the online submission form.

For abstracts submitted by Medical Dosimetry students, a signed letter from the program director or a CMD co-author must accompany the submission that indicates the abstract was reviewed by this person prior to the student submission. Student abstracts submitted that do not have this signed letter will not be accepted.

Poster content focus on topics that are related to the profession of medical dosimetry and radiation oncology. Examples of content are clinical sites, new technologies, physics, radiobiology, original research, education.

Submission must be made by the first author

First author's e-mail address must be included
First author must be a CMD or a student currently enrolled in a JRCERT accredited medical dosimetry educational program

Submission can be in either a PDF file or MS word document. All submissions should be electronic and submitted to the following link:

Author will be responsible for getting poster to the annual meeting and dismantling the poster at the end of the educational session.