2021 Call for Nominations

The AAMD relies on the dedication of our volunteers to accomplish our mission. Members who answer the call to volunteer help shape the current and future direction of the AAMD. We would like all Full CMD Members to consider running for Board of Directors and Regional Representative positions as they become available.

October 2020 Update: The President-Elect Duties and the 2021 AAMD Board Member Guidelines (both linked below) were updated by the AAMD Board of Directors to align with the President-Elect qualifications outlined in the AAMD Bylaws. Both documents now indicate: “Prior AAMD Board and/or committee leadership service preferred, but not required.” The Board believes this will open this Board position to a larger number of members who are qualified as Full CMD Members in good standing and interested in serving the AAMD and its members.

For the 2021 AAMD Election, these positions are open for nominations:



Interested in running for a position? Please review the expectations below prior to submitting a nomination. Self-nominations are due by December 31, 2020. The deadline to submit a nomination for someone else is November 16, 2020.

Checklist for Online Nomination Application

Please review the following list of items that you will need to submit online during the nomination application process:

  • Previous or current AAMD volunteer experience
  • Previous or current volunteer experience in other Radiation Oncology Societies
  • Community volunteer/prior leadership experience
  • Statement of why you want to serve (250 words or less) - This statement will be posted for all AAMD voting members to review when elections begin
  • Statement of "areas of focus" for the AAMD in your three-year term (250 words or less)
  • Professional Bio (100 words or less) - This will be posted on the 2021 AAMD Election Webpage
  • Two (2) professional references (Professional title, email address, phone number)
  • Copy of current resume
  • Signed Employer Support Letter (Board of Directors) or Employer Support Letter (Regional Representatives)

What to Expect While Serving as a Board Member

2021 AAMD Board Member Guidelines - Updated October 2020

What to Expect While Serving as a Regional Representative

2021 AAMD Regional Representative Guidelines


for Board Member

Self-nominations are due by December 31, 2020

for Regional Representative

Self-nominations are due by December 31, 2020

Nominate Someone Else

Deadline to nominate someone else: November 16, 2020. The Nominations and Volunteer Committee will then reach out to your nominee for follow-up.