2019 AAMD Election

Here's your chance to vote for AAMD leaders in the 2019 Election. Check your email on April 1 for an email from a sender named "Election Coordinator" (sender email: The email contains a link to the 2019 Board and Regional Representatives Election. All Full CMD Members will be able to vote for President-elect, Member-at-Large and Regional Director. Residents of Regions I and II will also vote for their regional representative. The election is open through April 24, 2019. 

Your vote counts! For the election to be validated, we need 10% of eligible members to vote. We appreciate your assistance in planning for AAMD's future!

The positions up for election in 2019 are:

  • President-elect
  • Regional Director
  • Member-at-Large
  • Region I Representative
  • Region II Representative

To help with your decisions, get to know the candidates by reading their personal statements.


Lori Kasuske
I am honored to accept the nomination for AAMD President-elect. I have been a volunteer with the AAMD since 2009 and on the Board of Directors as a Member-at-Large since 2014. My experience on the Board of Directors has given me an inside look how the AAMD works as a team to be proactive in meeting the needs of medical dosimetrists and the healthcare community. I am excited to continue working for our members and the medical dosimetry profession by supporting the AAMD’s vision: Empowering medical dosimetrists and treatment planners to improve the quality of life of our patients and their families. After all, this is why we all do what we do. As AAMD President-elect, I will continue to listen to your concerns and suggestions and I will work hard to ensure the AAMD supports your needs as a medical dosimetrist.

Lori Kasuske


Regional Director

Kristi Smith
The AAMD is the primary resource for medical dosimetrists and treatment planners throughout the world. As a volunteer since 2012 and a Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors since 2017, I firmly believe in the forward thinking of this great organization to empower dosimetrists in professional growth. If elected as your Regional Director, I will work extremely hard and use my experience from helping plan the Annual Meetings for 5 years to help provide more continuing education opportunities for our members and promote this wonderful organization that has given me so much.



Keiani Exilus
With an organization as important as the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists, it should have more of a voice in the medical dosimetry field. Besides continuing education courses, it has the ability to advocate for the medical dosimetry profession within the healthcare industry. Social media platforms can be utilized more in connecting radiation oncology professionals. This will have a major impact on treatment planning worldwide. It will also provide awareness to what we do on a daily basis. The AAMD has the ability to advance our profession, create awareness and display our value to the community. Using every tool available to promote this organization will lead to an amazing future.


Mark Littell
If elected, it is my goal to uphold the values and tasks the AAMD has outlined in the new Mission Statement. As I represent the membership in my current role of Communications Committee Co-Chair and in the future as Member-at-Large, it is my intention to work towards promoting and protecting our profession globally. Since I was a student, I have utilized and understand the many resources the AAMD offers to grow and learn as a dosimetrist, network, find employment and serve on various committees. I am eager to continue to make financially responsible decisions for the AAMD membership based on feedback I hear from dosimetrists I interact with at meetings and in outreach with the radiation oncology community. My history of bringing together AAMD committees to work together to accomplish goals has and will continue to allow once small ideas from any member to become a reality for the membership.


Ryan Moroose
My name is Ryan Moroose and I would like to be considered for the AAMD Member-At-Large position. I am a hard-working, genuine, and conscientious individual. On a daily basis, I aim to provide high quality patient care, efficiently and effectively in my department. With my years of management experience, I believe I have what it takes to help lead, promote, and educate others about our profession. I want to give back to the field of Medical Dosimetry, what the field has been so gracious to give me. If appointed, I intend to put all my efforts into striving to help fulfill what’s best for the Medical Dosimetry profession, as well as, for the AAMD members.


Adenike (Niki) Olanrewaju
In my 12 years as a Dosimetrist, I have seen our profession evolve tremendously. We have grown both in size and from a technological standpoint. During these years, I’ve also observed how the AAMD organization has worked faithfully to keep the standards and ethics of our profession to a level of pristine professionalism. Now, it is our responsibility as Medical Dosimetrist to further echo these principles and to uphold a baseline rooted in such standard of excellence. This is my reason for wanting to be considered for the Member at Large position. My goal, if appointed, is to contribute and serve the AAMD organization. It is time to give back to a profession that has changed the lives of so many including patients and their family members. Furthermore, I will like to share my experience with fellow colleagues and encourage them to participate.

Niki Olanrewaju


Matthew Susen
The AAMD needs strong leadership to support our profession and encourage contributions from dosimetrists everywhere. I’ve met several dosimetrists whom do not actively participate with any professional societies, which inhibits our ability to expand new ideas. To overcome this barrier, the association members must participate to make a difference and inspire our colleagues to share the wealth of knowledge out there. I advocate for continuing education which holistically adds value to our association and drives advancement of our profession. The dosimetry network created through regional and national meetings provides the opportunity for professional development from the individual level to the mass level. As the Member-at-Large, I will continually review existing efforts and identify new opportunities that are designed to help move the association and profession forward. At the same time, I will strive to meet the needs of the current members as my top priority to serve fellow dosimetrists.


Matthew Tobler
Dosimetrists face an ever-changing professional environment. It's important for us to continue proactively addressing the issues presented us as technology and our role within the radiotherapy community continue to evolve.


Region I Representative

Ezequiel (Zeke) Ramirez
My goal is to continue to provide mentorship to students as well as my fellow colleagues and to continue to work with other members within our community to push boundaries that will lead to positive changes in our profession. I firmly believe that being involved in the development of new techniques and refining conventional ones is key to our professional development and I intend on contributing in any way possible.


Region II Representative

Gail VanDerbeck
Medical dosimetrists are lifelong learners dedicated and committed to the advancement of our profession. Over time clinical experiences enhance our success as dosimetrists, educators and organized professionals. We turn to the AAMD for continuous, aggressive professional development. An organization hopes to thrive with volunteers and an ambitious approach to understanding clinical and professional trends, member needs, and organizational strengths. The AAMD is committed to continue quality learning and the resulting personal and professional growth are traditions deeply imbedded in their organizational history. We became members of the AAMD with expectations to benefit, be inspired and stay motivated. I am familiar with the commitment of working on a board as a team member and realize the necessity of contribution. For this reason I choose to become engaged, serve and actively search for new and enhancing opportunities for individual growth for myself and AAMD members while being a part of the AAMD tradition.