AAMD 2018 Election Is Underway--Vote Now!

Here's your chance to vote for AAMD leaders in the 2018 Election. Check your email from April 5 for an email from "Election Coordinator." The email contains a link to the 2018 Board and Regional Representatives Election. All Full CMD Members will be able to vote for President-elect. Residents of Regions V and VI will also vote for their regional representative. Voting closes April 26.

Your vote counts! For the election to be validated, we need 10% of eligible members to vote. We appreciate your assistance in planning for AAMD's future!

The positions up for election in 2018 are:

  • President- Elect
  • Secretary*
  • Regional Representative VI
  • Regional Representative V

 *Note that no nominations were received for the position of Secretary. Following the AAMD By-laws, the Board of Directors voted to appoint the current Secretary, Rachel Hackett, to a second term. 

To help with your decisions, get to know the candidates by reading their personal statements.


Cara Sullivan, CMD
Over the years I have served many roles within the AAMD, Secretary-AAMD Board of Directors, Co-Chair for the Membership, Nominations, and Annual Meeting Committees. In addition to that I served as Co-Chair for three Region V meetings. Each position prepared me to be able to represent such a great group of health care professionals. If elected to serve the position of President Elect, I will bring with me the same enthusiasm and pride I did in my previous roles. I look forward to working with the Board on strategic initiatives that both elevate the Medical Dosimetry profession, and build our role as leaders within the Radiation Oncology Department. It will be my honor to serve the AAMD members in the position of President-elect and I will continue to strengthen and build upon the relationships and accomplishments that those who served before me have achieved.


Region V Representative

Madison Fletcher-Mason, CMD
I am honored to accept the nomination for Region V Representative. As a clinical dosimetrist, preceptor, and former AAMD Annual Conference Committee Co-Chair, I have witnessed the hard work and dedication it takes to promote and support the Medical Dosimetry Community. Our profession is constantly evolving; and the healthcare field itself is becoming more challenging. As members and leaders, we must share our knowledge and experiences through the continuing education AAMD provides to help adapt and remain an invaluable part of the team providing care to our patients. I am passionate, willing, and ready to serve you, Region V, and together we will make an impact on the future fight against cancer.


Region VI Representative

Lee Culp, CMD
I believe that my own personal core values align well with the mission of AAMD - I am always looking for ways to promote and support the field of Dosimetry and also feel that we should be lifetime learners always trying to better knowledge and understanding not only for our own personal growth, but for our patients as well. If elected, I can personally see fit the growth and intellectual knowledge spread amongst our Region by dealing first-hand with organization of conferences, and communication between committees on which I also serve.


Rick Scherer, CMD
The field of radiation therapy is expected to grow much faster than average over the next few years and it is imperative to provide quality educational opportunities to Medical Dosimetrists everywhere. I have been an active member of the AAMD for many years serving on various committees and task groups. I am currently serving as the Senior Co-Chair for the Annual Conference Committee. My experience with the AAMD has given me a better understanding and respect for the challenges involved in providing a quality continued education. I am truly impressed with the AAMD’s dedication, attention to detail and hard work when it comes to providing for their members. As Region VI Representative,  I will do whatever I can to promote and support the Medical Dosimetry profession and to never forget it’s all about the patient.