Region I - 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Below and Beyond Skin Deep: Challenges, Solutions and Lessons from Advanced Skin Cancers of the Head and Neck
Julie Kang, MD, PhD

From Verification to Adaptive Plan: A Discussion on Workflow and
Procedures with Case Study Examples

Cody Wages, CMD

SBRT - One Dosimetrist's Experience
Lee Hales, CMD

Competency Based Education and Training Programs and Their Place in Radiation Oncology
Daniel Scanderbeg, PhD

Tips and Tricks Gleaned from the 2016 AAMD/RSS Plan Study
Keitt Mobile, CMD

The Contour Conundrum: When Circle Cords Go Square
Lexie Smith-Raymond, CMD

Medical Dosimetrist Salaries in a Competitive Environment—Results of the 2015 AAMD Salary Survey and Implication for the Medical Dosimetry Workforce
Michael Mills, PhD

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Concerns and Compliance in CT
Christopher Cagnon, PhD

Medical Dosimetrist Scholarly Publications in a Competitive Environment - How a Progressive Publishing Model May Support the Worldwide Growth of the Medical Dosimetry Profession
Michael Mills, PhD

The Evolution of Proton Planning and Clinical Advances in Pencil Beam Scanning
Stacey Schmidt, CMD

SBRT Simulation, Planning, and Contouring – the Team Approach
Jessica Stanulus, CMD

Achieving Low-Gradient Field Matching with VMAT: Craniospinal
Pamela Lemish, CMD

Treating Mesothelioma: From Old School to New School
Sherri Alexander, CMD

RapidPlan Overview: From Model Configuration to Model Analytics – Exploring the Details of Knowledge Base Planning
Linda Meachum, CMD