2017 Region V Meeting

​Nashville, TN

Friday, April 7, 2017

SRS Plan Quality and Treatment Efficiency: VMAT vs Dynamic Conformal Arcs
Ahpa Plypoo, MS, CMD, DABR

Radiotherapy in Palliative Bone Metastases Patients: Comparison of Primary Malignancy and Demographic Factors
Kristen Vu, MS, CMD RT(T)

It’s Personal: Connecting with the Cancer Survivor and Yourself During Treatment

Prone Breast Radiotherapy - What's the Big Deal?
Rachel Hackett, CMD, RT(T)

Hippocampal Sparing: My Experience and Best Practices
Anthony Magliari, MS, CMD

Current Needs in Dosimetry of 90Y Radioembolization
Andrew Kennedy, MD, FACRO

Planning Large Field IMRT and VMAT Patients with the Pinnacle³ Treatment Planning System
Maria Golish, BS, CMD, RT(T)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dosimetry: Coding, Documentation & Updates
Adam Brown, BSRT(T), CMD

Prostate LDR Brachytherapy Using I-125 Seed Implant at MUH
Shahidul Pramanik, MSc, MS, CMD, DABR

Robustness the End of the PTV and the Beginning of Smart Dose Cloud
Mohammed Siddiqui, CMD, RT(T)

Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Sarcoma
Kilian Salerno, MD

Where Are All the Proton Centers? The Current and Future State of the Proton Therapy Industry in the United States
David Raubach, MS

HyperArc Introduction and Dosimetrist Perspective
Anthony Magliari, MS, CMD

Variability in Planning and Contouring
Vanessa Magliari, CMD

Brachytherapy Coding and Documentation
Adam Brown, BSRT(T), CMD