2017 Educational Session Presentations

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Treatment and the Patient Experience
Heather Salazar & Diana Featherstone

Guidelines for Managing Radiotherapy Patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices
Daniel Bailey, PhD, DABR

Proton Therapy versus Photon Therapy: Which Treatment Sites Benefits from Which?
Stacey Schmidt, BS, CMD, RT(T)

Lunch Symposium: Gamification: Is There a Role in Radiation Therapy?
Sal Gerace, PhD
Sponsored by ProKnow Systems

Start to Finish: Prone Breast
Richard Zellars, MD & Greg Bartlett, CMD, RT(T)

Redefining Treatment Plan Quality
Greg Robinson, MS, CMD, RT(T)

Auto-Planning: The Promises, Pitfalls, and Preparations, from Multiple Points-of-View
Benjamin Nelms, PhD


Monday, June 12, 2017

Clinical Implementation of Offline Adaptive Capability
Jessica Caselli, CMD, RT(T)

IMRT and VMAT: A Look at Current and Future Best Practice
Anthony Magliari, MS, CMD

Treatment Planning Techniques for Larger Body Habitus Patients for Breast/Chestwall and Regional Lymph Nodal Irradiation
Ruth Ann Good, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Lunch Symposium: SBRT: Tips & Tricks
Christopher M. Wennerstrom, MS, DABR
Sponsored by Elekta

The Power of Progressive Planning
David Littlejohn, CMD, RT(T)

Simultaneous Integrated Boost or Sequential Boost in the Setting of Standard Dose or Dose De-escalation for HPV Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer
Dawn Gintz, CMD, RTT

2017 AAMD Plan Study: Extraordinary Planning
Chris Gainer, BS, CMD, RT(R)(T)


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The 4-Year Results of Implementing and Maintaining Contour Rounds — A Systems Redesign Project to Improve Safety and Quality in a Small Group Practice
Ronald Shapiro, MD, MBA

Hybrid VMAT/IMRT Approach to Traditional Cranio-Spinal Irradiation (CSI): A Case Study on Planning Techniques and Delivery
Catherine Cadieux, BS, CMD, RT(T)

Do You Have to be a RT(T) Before a CMD? The Ongoing Question
Nishele Lenards, MS, CMD, RT(R)(T), FAAMD

Lunch Symposium: Head and Neck Planning with Pinnacle at Moffitt Cancer Center
Dawn Gintz, CMD, RT(T)
Sponsored by Philips

Through the Lens of a Volunteer; Treatment Planning in People's Republic of China
Cory Neill, MS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Liver Radiation: Review of Pertinent Anatomy and Physiology, Functional Imaging, and Potential Future Direction
David Long, MD

Engineering Patient Safety in Radiation Oncology: Using Lean Principles of Human Factors Engineering
Robert Adams, EdD, CMD


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Role of Belly Board Device in the Age of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Pelvic Irradiation
Neil Estabrook, MD

Oncology Information System Derived Indicators of Safety-Critical Events in Radiation Oncology
Pehr Hartigson, MD

The Challenges of Coding and Billing for New Technology
Tamara Syverson, BS, RT(T) & Adam Brown, BS, CMD, RT(T)

Modern Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy: Where We Are and Where We Are Going
Alexander Goughenour, CMD

Personalized Radiation Therapy through Functional Lung Avoidance and Response-Adaptive Dose Escalation (Flare RT)
Patricia Sponseller, MS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Dosimetric Effects of Using Generalized Equivalent Uniform Dose (gEUD) in Plan Optimization
Ontida Apinorasethkul, MS, CMD

Lunch Symposium: Assessment of Cranial Motion in Thermoplastic Masks During CyberKnife® Radiosurgery
Tewfik Bichay, PhD, ABMP
Sponsored by Accuray

On the Other Side: Optimizing Toxicity Management in Concurrent Rad-Chemo Therapy and the Role of Survivorship Programs for Head and Neck
Brent Murphy MS, DABR

Establishing an SBRT Program in a Smaller Community Cancer Center: Our Experience
Ewa Papiez, MS, MCCPM

Does More Software Technology Make Me More Efficient
Mark Gooding, PhD

Very High Energy Electrons (>100 Mev) in Radiation Therapy
Colleen DesRosiers, PhD, DABR

Learning from Each Other — Report on ROILS
Theresa Kwiatkowski, BS, CMD, FAAMD

MDCB Exam: Reliability & Validity
Diana Baacke, BS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Lisa Carol Wojtowicz, MS, CMD

Introduction of Proton Planning
Kevin Sine, CMD, RT(R)(T)


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Spring Kong, MD, PhD, FACR

Prone Breast, Pre-Surgery. A Case Study; the OSU Way
Lee Culp, MS, CMD, RTT & Karla Kuhn, CMD

After the Plan: Using Templates and Scripts to Improve Documentation
Grayden MacLennan, MBA, MSM, MS, CMD

SBRT: The Indiana University Experience...19 Years and Counting
Marvene Ewing, BS, CMD