2023 Annual Meeting Poster Presentation

A Case Study of Total Marrow Irradiation Using VMAT
Authors: L. Woolsey, AAS, BS; L. Simmons, MS, CMD
Poster Summary: Comparison of total marrow irradiation vs total body irradiation treatments.

A Quantitative Dosimetric Evaluation of Inter-fraction Setup Variability on High Dose Volumes When Following Weekly Imaging Protocols for Hypofractionated Whole Breast Irradiation
Authors: L. Miller, MS, RT(R)(T); D. Jacobs, MS, CMD, RT(T)
Poster Summary: Determining how inter-fraction variability affects the homogeneity and the preferred dose fractionation scheme of whole breast treatment.

A Study of Lung SBRT Dose Conformity Using a Simple Noncoplanar VMAT Technique
Authors: T. Kei, RT(R)(M)(T); J. Bradley; K Higgins; A. Kesarwala; J. Shelton; A.B. Patel; J. Zhang; E. Schreibmann; X. Yang; K.J. Luca; O. Kayode; J. Roper
Poster Summary: Evaluating dose conformity with two arc non-coplanar beams using Acuros calculation algorithm.

Comparison of Plan Quality Metrics after Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Sparing in VMAT Esophageal Radiotherapy
Authors: A. Stephens, BS; D. Pham, PhD, CMD; H. Joshua, MD, CMD; N. Raja, BA; Y. Lozko, MD; M. Binkley, MD, MS; M. Dehghanpour, EdD, MS, CMD; L. Vitzhum, MD, MAS
Poster Summary: Major clinical implications of cardiac events through reducing left anterior descending coronary artery dose.

Deformable CBCT for Daily Adaptive Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer Patients: A More Reliable and Practical Approach for Improved Precision
Authors: M. Pligeo, BS
Poster Summary: CBCT is the most effective metric in assessing adaptive radiotherapy in head and neck Cancers.

Deploying a Collaborative Educational Exercise to Identify Student Knowledge Gaps in Planning Workflow
Authors: V. Olsen, BS, CMD; V. Dumane, PhD, DABR; A. Machuca, BS; T. Mojawalla, BS; M. Rahman, BS; X. Zhang, BS; M. Dimopoulos, MBA, RT(T)
Poster Summary: Identifying knowledge gaps in dosimetry planning.

Dosimetric Case Study of 3-D FiF vs. VMAT Techniques in the Treatment of H/N Tumor
Authors: J. Xie, MD, PhD
Poster Summary: Comparison and evaluation of low doses in head and neck cancers that can help international centers with limited equipment and personnel.

Dosimetric Comparison of Static Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy and Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Plans for the Treatment of Patients with the Left-sided Breast Cancer with Positive Nodes on Ring Delivery System and Conventional Linac.
Authors: K. Gill, MS, CMD; S. Saha, MS, CMD; J. Antone, MHA, CMD; Y. Cao, PhD, DABR; L. Lee, MD; A. Wernicke, MS, MD
Poster Summary: Comparison of IMRT vs VMAT techniques on nodal breast patients using Halcyon and Truebeam machines.

Dosimetric Comparison Of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy And Pencil-Beam Scanning (PBS) Proton Therapy For Neoadjuvant Hypo-Fractionated Radiotherapy For Retroperitoneal Sarcoma
Authors: X. Lin; R.X. Wong, MD; A. Ong; S. Wong
Poster Summary: Analyzing proton vs photon radiotherapy in retroperitoneal sarcomas.

Education Week: An in-house, Multi-disciplinary Approach to Improving Clinical Knowledge and Communication Within an Academic Institution
Authors: D. Pham, PhD, CMD; N. Nguyen, BS, CMD; J. Bernhardt, BS, CMD; W. Benson, RT(T); P. Dubrowski, MS; A. Diaz
Poster Summary: Closing the educational gaps for various clinical/non-clinical groups within an academic institution.

Effect of Alternating Multileaf Collimator Configuration on Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo 3D Treatment Planning
Authors: L. Hindman, PSM; K.L. Yun, MS; J Berzanske, MSc; M. Goss, MS
Poster Summary: Understanding the limitations of the varying calculation algorithms.

Effect of Nominal Collimator Angle on IMRT QA Pass Rate
Authors: M. Goss, MS; D. Pavord, MS, DABR, FAAPM
Poster Summary: Discussing the planning strategies on how collimation effects plan quality.

Evaluation of the Use of Dynamic Conformal Arc as an Improved Method of Spinal Palliation
Authors: A. Schwartz, MS, CMD; M. Bussiere, MS, DABR; K. Oh, MD; J. Daartz, PhD
Poster Summary: Alternative methods for spinal palliation.

Evaluation on Robustness of VMAT Breast by Dosimetric Comparison Between 3DCRT and VMAT Plans
Authors: B. Nguyen, BS; D. Nguyen, BS; D. Li, MS; J. Pursley, PhD
Poster Summary: Discussion on VMAT vs 3D conformal treatment plans under free breathing scans.

Feasibility of Post-operative VMAT Radiotherapy for Circumferential Neck Keloids: Case Study
Authors: Q. Duong; BS, CMD, RT(T); M.T. Truong, MD, FASTRO; A.D. Parekh, MD; A.E. Hirsch, MD; K.S. Mak, MD, MPH; S. Jang, PhD; S. Lee, PhD; H. Bohrs, BS; P. Nettey, BS; X. Zhang, PhD
Poster Summary: Using VMAT technique for neck keloids within 24 hours of surgery.

Full Dose SBRT in Combination with Mediastinal Chemoradiation for Locally Advanced Stage II-II Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment Planning Techniques.
Authors: B. Kelly, CMD, RT(T); C. Sullivan, BS, CMD, RT(T); O. Pen, PhD, DABR
Poster Summary: Minimizing organs at risk when treating primary and nodal disease using base dose SBRT technique.

Improved Planning Efficiency in Multiple Brain Lesion SRS VMAT Cases Using Eclipse Scripting
Authors: R. Barrett, MS, CMD; R. Hale, MS
Poster Summary: Comparison on using Eclipse scripting to reduce treatment planning time for SRS brain lesions.

Improving the Conformity of SSRS Treatment Plans in Lumbar and Thoracic Spine in RayStation
Authors: N. Do; H. Huynh; W. Gallian; M. Quesada, BS, CMD; T. Ford, BS, CMD; J. Baker, PhD, MEd, CMD; D. Mackin, PhD
Poster Summary: Providing guidelines when balancing spinal cord constraint vs conformity in Stereotactic Spine Radiation Surgery.

Interfraction Variability of Patient's Breathing Undergoing Lung SBRT Treatment
Authors: C. Gallegos; D. Pham, PhD, CMD; F. David, MD
Poster Summary:   The study is to examine the motion amplitude using the profile tool for patients undergoing SBRT.

Proton Versus Photon Comprehensive Nodal Breast Irradiation
Author: K. McKenna, CMD, RT(T)
Poster Summary:  Understanding the advantages of double scatter proton therapy versus three or four field photon technique in nodal irradiation.

Re-treatment of the Same Disease Site Using Pulse Low Dose Rate Radiation Therapy
Author: R. Gleason, AAS
Poster Summary: Learn about hypersensitivity of tumor and normal tissue cells on the low dose curve.

Robustness of Chest Wall Plans and Setup Uncertainties
Author: C. Seua, MS, BS; S. Dwivedi, BS; K. Shahid; T. Bonetati, BS, CMD; J. Baker, PhD, MEd, BS, CMD; K. Gifford, PhD; M. Mitchell, MD, PhD
Poster Summary: The goal of this study is to identify the effects of iso-centric shifts (>5mm) on thin chest walls using the perturbed dose function in RayStation.

Utilizing RapidPlan in the Radiation Oncology Clinic Through Medical Dosimetry Student Education
Author: V. Olsen, BS, CMD; V. Dumane, PhD, DABR; A. Machuca, BS; T. Mojawalla, BS; M. Rahman, BS; X. Zhang, BS; M. Dimopoulos, MBA, RT(T)
Poster Summary: Utilizing RapidPlan to improve efficiencies of medical dosimetry students.

VMAT for SSRS in C-spine Cases: Using Partial Dual Arcs and Full Dual Arcs
Author: J. Berlanga BS; L. Bratvedt, BS; H.N. Ho, BS; Y. Okbamichael, BS
Poster Summary: Investigating whether VMAT partial arcs are better than static IMRT treatment plans for stereotactic radiosurgery.