2021 Annual Meeting Poster Presentations

A Comparative Study of Medical Dosimetry Graduates With and Without Prior Radiation Therapy Certification
N Lenards, PhD, CMD, RT(R)(T), FAAMD
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Poster Summary: The purpose of this comparative study was to investigate outcomes of medical dosimetry graduates with and without prior radiation therapy certification (RTT and non-RTT).

A  Quantitative Study on the Dosimetric Comparison of Contouring of the True Rectum as Compared to the Rectum Contouring Guidelines by Radiation Technology Oncology Group on Prostate Cancer Patients
E Sarkodee, MS; K Barnhart, PhD, MPH, CHES
Grand Valley State University

Poster Summary: Corrective factors derived from differences in clinical dosimetry between RTOG and true rectum can be applied when drawing true rectum for prostate cancer treatment.

Auto-Planning for Cord Compression Patients Using Scripting and Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CTs)
D Granatowicz, MS, CMD; S Wisnoskie, MS
Nebraska Medicine

Poster Summary: A simple and efficient process developed to plan and treat emergent patients with cord compressions, utilizing a CBCT and scripting instead of a traditional CT simulation.

Checklist-Based Remote Dosimetry Training at a Community Cancer Center
B Mowbray, MS, CMD, RT(T); C Geraghty, MS, DABR
Anne Arundel Medical Center

Poster Summary: By using a checklist, a detailed training guide, and open communication, it is possible to successfully train a new dosimetrist in a remote position.

Comparison of Dose Accuracy Between Electron Monte Carlo and Pencil Beam Algorithms in Phantom with Bolus
P Hu; D Lu, MS; X Wang, MS; K Zhao, MS; J Huang, MS
Grand Valley State University, Advanced Oncology Center

Poster Summary: Compare the dose accuracy between electron Monte Carlo and Pencil beam algorithms with the bolus effect.

Dose Accumulation of Daily Adaptive Plans to Decide Optimal Plan Adaptation Strategy for head-and-neck patients treated with MR-Linac
Authors: S Yun Lim, BS; A Tran, BS; A Tran, BS; A Sobremonte, BS; Lori Simmon, MS, CMD; J Yang, PhD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Poster Summary: The study analyzed the accumulated doses of daily adapt-to-position plans to organs at risk for head and neck patients treated on magnetic resonance linear accelerators.

Dose Comparison of Radiation Treatment Planning in Multiple Metastasis: MONACO vs RAYSTATION
D Jung, BS
Yonsei University College of Medicine

Poster Summary: Compare the low-dose regions in multiple metastasis cases using a separated target field.

Evaluation of Electron Monte Carlo for Rectangular Shaped Cutouts
S Chang, BS, RT(T); K Johnson, MS CMD; T Pixton, MS, DABR; M Rodriguez, MS, DABR
Grand Valley State University, Northshore University HealthSystem

Poster Summary: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the accuracy of cutout factors determined by Varian Electron Monte Carlo and Radformation ClearCalc when compared to measured values of rectangular-shaped cutouts at various treatment geometries.

Feasibility and Advantage of Using Single Isocenter to Treat Two Targets Separated by One Vertebra in Spinal SRS/SBRT (RayStation)
H Godoy, AS; J Cumberland, AA; S Day, BS; E Han, PhD; L Court, PhD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Poster Summary: Treating two spinal targets separated by one vertebra with single isocenter produced similar plan quality to dual isocenter treatment, regarding target coverage, and OAR sparing.

GYN VMAT Template Formulation
O Lezama, BS; P Montanaro, MS
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions, Texas Oncology

Poster Summary: The most successful template will be elaborated on in the study and will serve as an efficient starting point for students and planners in general.

Improved Organ Sparing with VMAT Total Body Irradiation (TBI)
N Ngo, BS; N Kovalchuk, PhD; E Blomain MD, PhD; E Simiele PhD; L Skinner PhD; R Hoppe, MD; S Hiniker, MD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Stanford University

Poster Summary: This research portrays the benefits of VMAT TBI and how VMAT TBI is superior in terms of OAR Sparing compared to conventional 2D TBI technique.

Medical Dosimetry Certification Exam Pass Rates: Does Degree Level Make a Difference?
Author: L Jones DHSc, CMD, RT(T)
Grand Valley State University

Poster Summary: None of the parameters analyzed for this study were significant predictors of medical dosimetry certification exam pass rates, however, 21.93% of the variability of JRCERT accredited medical dosimetry programs is attributed to the number of examinees.

Submitting a Case Study for Publication
J Anderson, MS, CMD
Adventist Health St Helena

Poster Summary: More medical dosimetrists should author and publish case studies in the Medical Dosimetry Journal.

The Impact of X-RAY Energy on Radiotherapy Plan Quality and Acceptability
J Oubda, RT(N)(CT), CNMT; C Kengne Choutedjem; A Olanrewaju, MBA, CMD; D Rhee, MS; J Baker, PhD, CMD; L Court, PhD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Poster Summary: Learning the impact of energy change on chest wall and cervical cancer plans will contribute in improving the cancer treatment capabilities in Low and middle income countries with limited equipment and qualified personnel.

Training with ProKnow
J Ryan MSc(MI), CMD, HBSc (RT)/RT

Poster Summary: ProKnow for radiation dosimetry education in an Australian setting