National Medical Dosimetrist's Day

Each year, the third Wednesday of August is designated as the day for celebrating medical dosimetry professionals around the world. The AAMD recognizes the importance of the medical dosimetry profession and honors the contributions of all dosimetrists in the field. Medical dosimetry is an exciting and amazing profession to work in! Dosimetrists are key members of a team that contributes to cancer survivorship on a daily basis. 

2021 Poster Contest
This year, the AAMD Communications Committee is seeking submissions for the 2021 National Medical Dosimetrist’s Day Poster. If you have an idea, please download the submission form and submit your entry by March 31. AAMD will award a $100 Amazon Gift Card to the person with the winning design or theme. It’s time to get creative and spotlight your career! Please email all entries to Whitney O'Donnell at wodonnell@medicaldosimetry.org.

FREE Educational Webinar Series, August 16 - 20
This year, the AAMD will once again be collaborating with our corporate partners to offer a FREE educational webinar series, August 16 - 20. Webinar details and information will be posted in early August.


Need Inspiration for a Poster Contest Submission?

Check out these posters from previous years:





How to Celebrate National Medical Dosimetrist's Day:

  • Host a reception for hospital/facility staff in the medical dosimetry department. Invite them to see what you do! (Offering some type of food — ice cream, bagels, coffee, cookies, etc — provides an additional incentive for people to stop by!). Or maybe you could bring in a massage therapist to provide chair massages to your colleagues on National Medical Dosimetrist's Day!
  • Provide refreshments, flowers or other treats for patients on National Medical Dosimetrist's Day or throughout that week or even during the month of August. Make a sign or tag saying: Courtesy of your medical dosimetry team.
  • Have your medical dosimetry team introduce themselves to patients during the month of August and answer their questions about treatment planning.
  • Suggest to your facility's PR department that they do a story on the medical dosimetry department in the next facility newsletter.
  • Host a lunch for the entire radiation therapy team at your facility to thank your colleagues for their collaboration with the medical dosimetry team.
  • Make a commitment to get involved in your professional organization — volunteer for an AAMD Committee! Click here for details on volunteer opportunities.


2019 Poster Winner

Concept submitted by
Jill Brislin, CMD and
Amanda Murray, CMD.

Mark these dates on your calendar for future celebrations of National Medical Dosimetrist's Day!

Future Dates
2022: Wednesday, August 17
2023: Wednesday, August 16