Committees & Representatives

A listing of the committees, co-chairs, representatives & liaisons


Committees & Co-chairs

Annual Conference: Rick Scherer & Patty Sponseller

Career Services: Ashley Pyfferoen & Brittany Check

Communications: Mark Littell & James Friedman

Continuing Education: Lee Culp & Nishele Lenards

Directed Journal Reading: Grayden MacLennan & Bert Wood

Editor-in-Chief (Interim): Cory Neill

Formal Education: Mellonie Brown-Zacarias & Mahsa Dehghanpour

Membership: Lee Hales & Felita Christie

Nominations and Volunteer: Adam Brown & Catherine Gagne


External Liaison Appointments and Representatives

MDCB: Brian Napolitano

AAMD Region I Representative: Mary Ann Hagio

AAMD Region II Representative: Leslie Poteet

AAMD Region III Representative: Anna K. Zurek

AAMD Region IV Representative: Jeffrey Antone

AAMD Region V Representative: Adam Brown

AAMD Region VI Representative: Eric Willis