The AAMD is the only professional organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the medical dosimetry and treatment professions. Our mission statement includes an important focus on advocacy:

  • Monitoring the healthcare landscape and informing our members of changes that may impact the medical dosimetry and treatment planning profession
One of the ways the AAMD advocates for the profession is to follow pending changes in healthcare reimbursement.

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)

November 21, 2022: AAMD Signs onto Letter to Congressional Leaders Urging the Passing of Legislation before Year-end to Prevent Significant Medicare Payment Cuts to Radiation Therapy Services

September 13, 2021: AAMD Submits Comments to CMS on the CY 2022 MPFS Proposed Rule

Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model (RO Model)

In July of 2019, the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a proposed Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model (RO Model) that will have an impact on a large number of clinics and radiation oncology professionals around the country. The AAMD has continued to monitor the RO APM. 

February 11, 2022: AAMD Signs onto Letter to Congressional Leaders Regarding Legislative Proposal for Radiation Oncology Payments

September 13, 2021: AAMD Submits Comments to CMS on the CY 2022 RO Model – 2022 HOPPS Proposed Rule

March 1, 2021: AAMD Signs onto Letter to CMS Outlining Concerns about RO Model

The AAMD joined ASTRO and other Radiation Oncology stakeholders in signing onto a letter to CMS that shows our commitment to a RO Model that balances the needs and goals of Medicare with those of the patient/provider community. Read the letter.

October 21, 2020: CMS Announces Intent to Delay Start of RO Model 

CMS announced they intend to delay the start of the RO Model until July 1, 2021. This is in response to all the feedback they received from ASTRO, AAMD and many other stakeholders. Read the latest from CMS.

October 2, 2020: Medical Societies Send Letter to CMS

Following the Final Rule announcement, the AAMD signed onto a letter with nine other medical societies to request urgent changes to the final rule, including a delay in the start date, which CMS stated will be January 1, 2021.

September 18, 2020: CMS Issues the Final Rule for the RO Model 

September 16, 2019: AAMD Sends Letter to CMS

During the comment period in 2019, the AAMD Board of Directors communicated with the leaders of ASTRO and AAPM about their specific concerns and then drafted a letter to CMS expressing AAMD’s concerns about the impact of the RO Model. The AAMD was one of over 300 organizations and individuals who submitted comments to CMS.

For more information about the RO Model, visit:

CMS website

ASTRO website