AAMD Award of Excellence Selection Process

The AAMD Award of Excellence and its predecessor, the "Varian/AAMD Award of Excellence," were established to recognize individuals and their significant accomplishments in the field of Medical Dosimetry. One winner may be selected each year from submitted nominations. If a winner is selected, the award will be presented to that individual at the AAMD Annual Meeting. The award is for $2500 and a crystal trophy.

Nominations for this award are to be submitted no later than November 1st for the coming Annual Meeting. Nominations can be made by any member of the AAMD. Nominations are sent to the Selection Committee Chairperson via a written nomination received by email or letter. Nominated individuals will be asked to submit a CV by December 1st of that year. The addresses to submit a nomination are posted on the AAMD website and published in the AAMD Journal. A nominee will remain a candidate for the award for the next 2 years. The nominations will then be forwarded to the Selection Committee for review. The Selection Committee members will communicate their individual selections to the Awards Chairperson for counting by January 15th to select a winner. The Award Chairperson will then notify the award winner which will be followed by a letter from the AAMD President. Nominated individuals who are not selected to receive the award will be notified by the Committee Chairperson by January 30th.

Selection Committee:
The Selection Committee is comprised of all former award winners as well as a MDCB liaison to the AAMD, an AAPM liaison to the AAMD, and a JRCERT representative to the AAMD. Previous award recipients can nominate a candidate but will be disqualified from the Selection Committee that year.

Criteria for Recognition:

AAMD member in good standing for at least the last 10 years. The candidate must be living at the cutoff date for curriculum vitae submission (December 1st) for a nomination to proceed for an award presentation at the next Annual Meeting.

Significant contribution to the field of Medical Dosimetry as demonstrated by any/all of the following:

  • AAMD Committee Service
  • AAMD Board of Director position
  • Publication of articles pertaining to the field
  • Legislative efforts on behalf of the profession
  • Lectures at local/regional/national meetings
  • Research activities within the profession
  • Outstanding years of clinical service — 10 years or more
  • An educator in a recognized Dosimetry Program
  • Significant professional accomplishments in the Radiation Oncology field

Post Selection Process:
Once the recipient is selected, the Award Chairperson will write an announcement for the AAMD Journal. The Award Committee Chairperson and the award recipient will verify this announcement for accuracy. The announcement is due to the publisher by April 10th for publication in the summer issue of the AAMD Journal. In addition, notification will be sent to the Awards Committee (for crystal order and engraving), to the Annual Meeting Chairpersons, and the AAMD President/Treasurer to disperse the award monies.

Award Presentation:
The AAMD Award of Excellence will be presented during the membership luncheon at the AAMD Annual Meeting. The recipient will provide the Award Chairperson/AAMD President with biographical information that will be used during the award presentation. If the recipient is unable to attend, their designated representative will accept the award.

To submit AAMD Award of Excellence nominations or if you have questions or comments, please contact:
Gregg Robinson at grobinson@medicaldosimetry.org

2014 AAMD Award of Excellence Recipient:

Anne Marie Vann, MEd, CMD, RT(R)(T), FAAMD

Anne Marie Vann, MEd, CMD, RT(R)(T), FAAMD

AAMD is pleased to recognize Anne Marie Vann as the recipient of the 2014 AAMD Award of Excellence. This award recognizes distinguished accomplishments and contributions in the field of medical dosimetry.

Anne Marie started her radiation oncology career as a radiation therapist at the Georgia Radiation Therapy Center at the Medical College of Georgia. After three years as a clinical preceptor, she was offered the position of Interim Program Director of Radiation Therapy at the Medical College of Georgia. She accepted the Program Director position and maintained this for 28 years. In 1991 Anne Marie developed a baccalaureate degree medical dosimetry program, which was one of the first five programs recognized by the AAMD. She served as the Program Director of Medical Dosimetry and Radiation Therapy until her retirement in 2010. Following her retirement, Anne Marie accepted a position as a medical dosimetrist at Aiken Regional Medical Centers in South Carolina, where she enjoys clinical patient contact.

In February of this year, Anne Marie accepted the position of Medical Dosimetry Clinical Educational Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She stated: "I will be using my past experience as program director of radiation therapy and medical dosimetry along with my clinical experience as a medical dosimetrist to interact with students. It is the perfect combination of two things I love to do."

Throughout her career, Anne Marie has published numerous articles in peer reviewed radiation oncology journals and authored several books. She said that she's most proud of developing and writing material for these textbooks: Portal Design in Radiation Therapy and Radiation Therapy Essentials: a Board Preparation Tool.

Anne Marie has served AAMD in many different volunteer capacities. She has been an active member of the AAMD Education Committee, as well as a trustee of the AAMD Education and Research Foundation. She currently holds the position of Secretary of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. She has also served on committees and task groups for the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

When asked about the role of AAMD in her professional development, Anne Marie said: "AAMD is the organization that represents medical dosimetry. It is the group to turn to when looking for information, including clinical practice standards, education materials, job opportunities, salary trends or continuing education opportunities. AAMD provides many occasions for medical dosimetrists to get involved in their profession. I started out by providing input as an educator and since then I have had the opportunity to help with large and small projects. This organization has provided me with a strong professional network and friendships that will last a lifetime."

Anne Marie offered this advice to entry level dosimetrists: "Getting involved is worth the time and effort. The more interaction you have with others, the more you learn, and the more you have to offer."

In addition to winning the Award of Excellence this year, Anne Marie was also elevated to AAMD Fellow status at the AAMD 39th Annual Meeting. This recognition is well deserved. Congratulations, Anne Marie!


Varian has long been, and continues to be, a supporter of the AAMD. In 2007 Varian informed the AAMD of a change in their corporate policy. They were no longer making individual monetary awards which did not have a direct educational association. This change in underwriting the honorarium compelled the AAMD Board to change the name of the award to the AAMD Award of Excellence as well as fully fund the standing honorarium.

Historical List of Award Winners

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2000 David Robinson
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AAMD Award of Excellence
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2014 Anne Marie Vann