AAMD Student Membership

Become a student member of the medical dosimetry professional organization. There are numerous benefits for you to enjoy. You can volunteer and begin networking in the profession.


Student Members

2020 DUES: USD$80.00 per year

Student Members shall be individuals who are full-time students enrolled in a medical dosimetry program which is accredited by an organization recognized by the Corporation. Student membership status shall extend for such time as the individual continuously remains enrolled in the medical dosimetry program recognized by the Corporation, but not to exceed a period of two (2) years. The application fee for student membership to the Corporation shall be waived during the period which they remain Student Members. They shall have all the obligations, rights and privileges of Full Members except the right to vote, hold office, or serve on a standing or ad hoc committee; however, they may, and are encouraged to serve in an advisory capacity to committees.


Benefits of Student Membership

  • Continuing education offered via annual and regional meetings, directed journal readings, and online modules
  • Professional resources such as the online member forum, career center service, salary and workforce surveys, membership directory, and industry updates
  • Reduced membership and meeting rates for other organizations such as ASRTO and AAPM
  • Publications such as the medical dosimetry journal and the quarterly newsletter, eMonitor
  • Awards and recognition such as the student writing competition and poster submissions
  • Scholarship opportunities offered via the AAMD Education and Research Foundation

Student Membership Application