AAMD Writing & Research Workshop

The workshop is held annually at the AAMD Annual meeting in June.

Purpose: The purpose of the writing and research workshop is to create an educational and resource-rich forum for medical dosimetrists that are interested in publishing or have published a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal.

Methods: The workshop will feature experienced medical dosimetrists in publishing medical dosimetry related manuscripts. They will use their professional experiences and resources to guide the attendees from making the same mistakes. They will present a simple methodology with tools that will guide them through the publication process from start to finish. A reference handbook will be given to each attendee to be used as a guide when they return to their clinics.

Results: The workshop leaders will work with each attendee to begin the writing process for a research project that they will begin when they return to their clinics. They will leave the workshop with an idea, title page, and an abstract outline with a purpose and objectives.

Conclusion: The writing workshop will be a resource for medical dosimetrists to confidently generate ideas, conduct efficient research and write the results in a manuscript format for a peer-reviewed journal.


Sample Agenda

Anatomy Lesson: Manuscript Format

Find out what we already know: Publication Review

Find a Method to your Madness: Design your Methodology

Data Collection

Writing the Paper

Journal Submission and Peer-review Process