Effective Presentations

AAMD Scottsdale 2009
Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations

Purpose: The purpose of the presentation workshop is to create an educational and resource-rich forum for medical dosimetrists that are interested in learning to build an effective presentation and then to practice delivery of a presentation. The attendee will be taught the most effective methods for developing a presentation that not only captures their audience's attention, but conveys technical information in such a way that this information is retained by the audience.

Methods: The workshop will feature medical dosimetrists and other professionals who are experienced in producing and giving presentations in educational and professional environments. These individuals will use their professional skills, resources and experiences to guide the workshop attendees in the techniques of building and delivering of an effective presentation. They will present a simple methodology with tools that will guide the attendees through the process. The attendees will work on building a presentation and then practice delivery of their presentation.

Basic Building Blocks for an Effective Presentation

  1. How we take in information
  2. Message retention
  3. Achieving your objectives
  4. How to build a compelling message
  5. Crafting your text
  6. Effective formatting techniques
  7. How to best display treatment plans, DVH, patient data.
  8. Graphics
  9. Delivering your presentation - before, during, and after

Results: The workshop leaders will work with each attendee to begin the process of developing an effective presentation on a topic that can be developed into a complete presentation on an area of clinical interest. The attendees will learn the basic steps involved in building an effective presentation, how to use PowerPoint, and begin to develop confidence in delivering a presentation.

Conclusion: The presentation workshop will be a resource for the medical dosimetrist to confidently develop and deliver a presentation. The attendee will learn the best methods to deliver technical/clinical information in a manner that is structured the maximize retention by their audience. The attendee will be better equipped to participate and contribute to their professional environment.