2017 Nominations

The following positions are open for nominations for the 2017 AAMD Board of Directors and Regional Representatives Election.

Member at Large I
Region III Representative
Region IV Representative

Nominations Process
Nominations are solicited, reviewed and approved by the Nominations and Volunteer Committee with the concurrence of the Board of Directors.

The Nominations and Volunteer Committee will obtain consent of each nominee and verify his/her eligibility. Appropriate forms must be completed by the nominee to be eligible for the election.

All nominees must be Full CMD Members in good standing. See the AAMD By-Laws for specific eligibility requirements for each position. Nominations will be open from the end of the annual meeting for the immediately preceding year until the following December 31st. Elections will be conducted via electronic voting by the Full CMD Members. All balloting and voting shall be completed no later than 70 days prior to the annual meeting.

In the event of a lack of nominations for a particular position, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to appoint someone for the position at the annual meeting.

Board Members and Regional Representatives will begin terms on August 1st following the election. Length of terms for each position can be found in the AAMD By-Laws.

Please complete the required documents in the nominations packet as part of the nominations process.

Nomination Details and Online Submission (AAMD login Required)