2014 Region V Meeting

Raleigh, NC


Friday, October 3, 2014

Attitude in the Clinic and their Effects on Patient Safety: Generational Differences
Scott Green, MS, CMD

Radiation Therapy in Veterinary Medicine
Donald Roback, PhD

Impact of Safety and Quality Initiatives on Treatment Planning Workflow
Ajay Kapur, PhD

Intrafractional Junction Shifts Utilizing Multileaf Collimation: A Novel CSI Planning Technique
Rodney Hood, CMD

Comparison of Interfacility Implementation of Essential SBRT Components
Keith Neiderer, CMD

Engineering Patient Safety in Radiation Oncology Departments
Lukasz Mazur, PhD & Robert Adams, EdD, CMD, RT(R)(T), FAAMD

GYN External Beam Radiotherapy at Duke Medicine
Kim Light, CMD


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Role of Radiotherapy in Dupuytren's Contracture
Louise Francis, CMD

HPV and Cancer Does the Dosimetrist Role Begin and End with the Treatment Plan?
Cara Sullivan, CMD

AAPM Task Group 71 Report on Monitor Unit Calculations
John Gibbons, PhD

Contouring Your Future, Don’t forget the most important plan - your life!
Tami Canterbury

Radiobiologically Based Treatment Planning:  The Next Frontier
Teddy LeMaster, MS

Creating a Knowledge Based Model Using Rapid Plan TM: The Henry Ford Experience
Karen Synder, MS, DBAR

Challenging Cases for the Everyday Dosimetrist
Chris Gainer, CMD