2015 Region II Meeting

Kansas City, MO


Friday, March 20, 2015

Practical Proton Solutions for a Single Room Proton Facility
Beth Bottani, CMD

Particle Therapy in a Global Radiation Oncology Environment
Randy Hemingway, CMD

Head/Neck Treatment Planning: A Comparative Review of Static Field IMRT, RapidArc, and Tomotherapy HD
Barb Agrimson, CMD

When Cancer Attacks The Dosimetrist: A Personal Look at Role Reversal
Lexie Smith-Raymond, MAdM, RT(R)(T), CMD

Back to the Future: Why GenY Dosimetrists Are the Future of Dosimetry and What that Means for You and Me
Scott Green, MS, CMD

Dynamic Conformal Arc for SBRT Lung
Brett Sloman, CMD

Webcast-Is It Prime Time for Auto-Planning? The Cleveland Clinic Experience
Presented by Philips


Saturday, March 21, 2015

In Vivo Dosimetry for TBI/TSE using film/Mosfet/Nanodot
Nana Aba Mensah-Brown, PhD

MRI in Treatment Planning With a Focus on Prostate Cancer
Xinglei Shen, MD

Oligometastatic Lung Cancers Treated with SABR
John Park, MD

A Novel Stereotactic Radiotherapy Device for Early Stage Breast Cancer: GammaPod
Yongsook Cecilia Lee, PhD

Hybrid-VMAT as a Solution in Planning Whole Breast Radiotherapy with a Simultaneously-Integrated Boost
Kenny Guida, DMP, DABR

HPV Relative to Head and Neck Cancer
Christopher Fleighton Estes, MD

Non-Invasive Head and Neck and IntraCranial Fixation Optimized
Randy Hemingway, CMD