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Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have become a great resource for not only your social life, but your professional life as well. It gives you an opportunity to connect with people in your field and the chance to create a personal learning network (PLN). Our field is constantly evolving and new techniques are being introduced using new or existing equipment. This emphasizes a need for continued learning. Having a group of people outside of your hospital you can reach out to for help or to share ideas can keep our field moving forward as a whole.

There are many list servers out there that you can join. This allows a large community of people to share thoughts and ideas on any subject. Usually they are closed groups to keep the discussions on topic, but once you contact the owner of the page you will be added. You are able to post a question to the community and allow people to respond with their opinions and experiences.

LinkedIn is a professional network that you can build your resume on so many people in our field have access to it. You can update this as often as you like as you add new education or skills to your bank of knowledge. It allows you to connect and keep in touch with people you have worked with or been in contact with during your professional career. You can reach out to these people for guidance, read papers they have recently published or use it as a resource when hunting for a new position.

There are many other social networking sites out there that can offer benefits if used correctly. That is an important piece for anyone utilizing this type of tool to job hunt or advance your career: use it appropriately. Below are a few links to others’ thoughts on how to best use social networking in your career development.

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