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InterviewStream: Mock Interview Practice Site

InterviewStream is the premier provider for video/webcam interviewing technology. It continues to offer students and talent professionals a comprehensive global solution to prep, hire and train. Basically, interview stream is a mock interviewing process that is offered free to our members and is specific to medical dosimetry. Sure you can quickly google “most common interviewing questions” but I can assure you that none of those questions are pertinent to field of medical dosimetry.

This tool goes above and beyond the mock interviewing process to give students and experienced medical dosimetrists tips in creating their best interview yet. The Career Services Committee has developed a bank of questions pertinent to the field of medical dosimetry for both entry level position seekers and for the experienced dosimetrist. In this tool, you have the option to record an interview and re-watch it personally to make personal suggestions or you have the option to submit it to the website where members of the career services committee will have access to your interview and can give you feedback based on the interview.

Only members of the committee will be able to see your video and your feedback will be provided by one of us confidentially. While it is useful for you to personally see how you perform, outside guidance can be the key to perfecting an interview. Remember, members of the career services committee have been in the field of medical dosimetry for decades and can provide you with honest and helpful feedback that you may not be able to provide to yourself.

In addition to the interviewing capabilities, InterviewStream also provides you helpful tips and tricks for preparing for the interview as well as live interviews with professionals on what they look for when interviewing applicants!

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Be sure to download the User Guide to review a helpful presentation on how to create an interview. This guide will show you how to register and create an account, complete an interview and review an interview.