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Employment Opportunities

The AAMD Career Center provides its members with the latest employment opportunities. Job Target is the AAMD job board. You can use the link provided to begin your career search. To access the job board, click on the Career Center tab and select “For Job Seekers.” Here you can create an account, post or create your resume and cover letter or search the latest job postings from employers, recruiters and the web.  If you’re seeking a specific position or location, you can narrow your search by creating a personal job alert matching keywords or job type criteria. You’ll be notified by email when an opportunity arises.

Under the resource tab you will find a content library offering a variety of career advice and topics selected by career coaches. Perhaps it has been awhile since you searched for a new job. You might want to consider hiring a career coach to assist you in your search. Let’s face it, most people in our lives tend to tell us what we want to hear, where a career coach will be honest and tell you what you need to hear and help guide you to your career goal. If you’re interested in a career coach, there are three career experts to choose from, each offering their areas of expertise. They are also available to offer career advice and answer questions on aspects of your job search. Post your question under “Ask the Experts” and they will try to return your answer in a day

If you are an employer or recruiter you may create an account, post and manage job openings, create your company profile, search our resume bank for potential employees and only pay if you connect with a prospective employee. We offer access to the support center if you have questions or problems. There is also a link available for the recruitment products and pricing offered.

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