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Developing a professional portfolio can be a valuable tool when starting a new career, transitioning to a new position, or during performance evaluations. An e-portfolio, or electronic portfolio, is made up of digital media which can be shared easily. Find out how to create and benefit from an e-portfolio in the medical dosimetry field by reading the questions and answers below.


What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio is an electronic collection of artifacts that add value to your professional skillset. Rather than taking your word for it, an e-portfolio demonstrates your positive attributes through your achievements. A self-reflection on each piece gives value to what you have done and clearly explains what skills you exhibited or what you learned.

Remember, viewers also learn about your organization, communication, and computer-related abilities. Artifacts and reflections should be categorized as needed to make your e-portfolio appear organized and easy to navigate. Like a résumé, your entire e-portfolio should be well-written and free of grammatical errors. Lastly, your links should all work properly and using interesting media is a plus.


Where can I create an e-portfolio?

There are several free web-hosting services available that work well for e-portfolio websites. Web design skills are not necessary with the great user interfaces and design templates available. Some options to try are Jimdo, Weebly, Wix, or Google Sites. These sites all offer free web-hosting, are user friendly, and are capable of making a sleek professional e-portfolio.


What should be included in an e-portfolio for a dosimetrist?

The contents of your e-portfolio will vary greatly depending on your background and purpose for your e-portfolio. If you are a new graduate using your e-portfolio to help land a job, your e-portfolio may look different than the e-portfolio of an experienced dosimetrist. Some examples of possible sections to use if applicable include:

  • Introduction – purpose and contents of your e-portfolio
  • Personal summary – demographic information and career objectives
  • Academic background – education, related classes and provide coursework
  • Professional background
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Professional involvement – AAMD or other professional society involvement
  • Volunteering
  • Accomplishments – explanation and images of work to demonstrate your skills
  • Résumé

Examples of your work through artifacts should be the basis of your e-portfolio. Your examples should be supported and given value through your explanation and self-reflection. Although the content is important, be mindful of the organization and appearance of your e-portfolio. By making your e-portfolio easy to navigate and visually interesting, you will encourage viewers to spend more time learning about you.


How can I use my e-portfolio as a dosimetrist?

As a dosimetrist, an e-portfolio can be valuable at any stage in your career. For a student or new graduate, it may help to impress employers while searching for a job. For an experienced dosimetrist, it may exhibit skills needed to move into a leadership or managerial position. In addition to the heightened value when changing positions, e-portfolios may be used to demonstrate improvement in your current position. This may be especially useful during performance appraisals or raise negotiations to provide evidence of how you exceed expectations and achieve your professional goals.


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