Position Statements


The position of the AAMD recommends that personnel practicing in Medical Dosimetry meet, at a minimum, certification provided by the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board (MDCB). Accordingly, the CMD (Certified Medical Dosimetrist) is recognized as the appropriate credential for the Medical Dosimetrist.



In accordance with AAMD By Laws, the JRCERT is currently the only organization recognized by the AAMD authorized to bestow accredited status to a Medical Dosimetry Program.



It is the AAMD position that personnel practicing in medical dosimetry should possess a baccalaureate degree.


Medical Errors

The Alliance for Quality Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy supports efforts by the government, health care organizations and private industry to reduce medical errors and promote quality and safety practices in the provision of all health care services. The Alliance believes that an integral part of safe and effective patient care is the assurance that allpersons who perform medical imaging examinations, or plan and deliver radiation therapy treatments, meet a minimum education and credentialing standard. The Alliance pledges to work with health care providers, organizations and interest groups to ensure that all Americans receive the highest-level of radiologic patient care through the development of quality processes and reduction of medical errors.