National Medical Dosimetrist's Day

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National Medical Dosimetrist's Day Is August 20, 2014!

To celebrate National Medical Dosimetrist's Day, AAMD is once again teaming up with our corporate partners to present a series of FREE webinars the week of August 18. Each webinar will offer 1 MDCB credit (also valid for ARRT). Click on the webinar titles to register. Here’s the webinar line-up: (Click here for full webinar abstracts)

Monday, August 18, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Recording: Adaptive Therapy and Deformable Registration
Sponsored by RaySearch
Quiz: Click Here to Take the Quiz for Monday, August 18
Handouts: Click here to download the webinar PDF

Tuesday, August 19, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Recording: A Method to Reduce the Dosimetric Impact of Setup Uncertainties for Multi-Isocenter IMRT Plans
Sponsored by Philips
Quiz: Click Here to Take the Quiz for Tuesday, August 19
Handouts: Click here to download the webinar PDF

Wednesday, August 20, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Recording: Advanced Breast Planning with Eclipse - Forward and Inverse Planning Techniques Overview
Sponsored by Varian Medical Systems
Quiz: Click Here to Take the Quiz for Wednesday, August 20

Thursday, August 21, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Recording: Advances in Comprehensive Treatment Planning with Monaco 5
Sponsored by Elekta
Quiz: Click Here to Take the Quiz for Thursday, August 21

Friday, August 22, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Recording: Spatially Fractionated Radiation Therapy: GRID
Sponsored by .decimal
Quiz: Click Here to Take the Quiz for Friday, August 22
Handouts: Click here to download the webinar PDF

Participation in the LIVE webinar will be limited to 1,000 participants. Once capacity is reached for each webinar, registrants who are unable to log in to the webinar will have access to the webinar recording within 2 hours of the presentation. Once the recording is posted on the website anyone with an AAMD can participate for free through September 30. Participants will be directed to take the post webinar quiz after the live event is completed. All National Medical Dosimetrist's Day webinar recordings will be available for CE credit until September 30.


  • Both Members and Non-Members must have an AAMD ID # for CE credit tracking. To set up a non-member account, please visit
  • All webinar participants will be required to complete a quiz in order to earn CE credit for their attendance. This is a new requirement from the MDCB that will soon be in place for all CE providers. As of June 1, 2014, AAMD will not award CE credit for webinars or recordings without completion of the post-lecture quiz.

Things you need to know about the quiz process:

  • Quizzes will be posted ON THIS PAGE the day of the event and can be viewed during the live event.
  • The MDCB is requiring 5 multiple choice questions for every 30 minutes of lecture.
  • Attendees will have 3 chances to pass the quiz with an 80% grade.
  • Completed CE credits will still be uploaded to the MDCB at least twice a month.
  • Post activity quizzes will be required by the MDCB for all CE providers later this year.
How to Celebrate National Medical Dosimetrist's Day

  • Host a reception for hospital/facility staff in the medical dosimetry department. Invite them to see what you do! (Offering some type of food - ice cream, bagels, coffee, cookies, etc - provides an additional incentive for people to stop by!). Or maybe you could bring in a massage therapist to provide chair massages to your colleagues on National Medical Dosimetrist's Day!

  • Provide refreshments, flowers or other treats for patients on National Medical Dosimetrist's Day or throughout that week or even during the month of August. Make a sign or tag saying: Courtesy of your medical dosimetry team.

  • Have your medical dosimetry team introduce themselves to patients during the month of August and answer their questions about treatment planning. Provide patients with a copy of the AAMD "What Is a Medical Dosimetrist?" flyer, available by clicking here. Or share this PowerPoint presentation with them during a reception. You can even customize it with your own facility's information.

  • Suggest to your facility's PR department that they do a story on the medical dosimetry department in the next facility newsletter.

  • Host a lunch for the entire radiation therapy team at your facility to thank your colleagues for their collaboration with the medical dosimetry team.

  • Make a commitment to get involved in your professional organization — volunteer for an AAMD Committee! Click here for details on volunteer opportunities.

Each year, the third Wednesday of August is designated as the day for celebrating medical dosimetry professionals around the world, recognizing the importance of their profession and honoring their contributions. Medical dosimetry is an exciting and amazing profession to work in. Dosimetrists are members of a team that contributes toward cancer survivorship on a daily basis.

Mark these dates on your calendar for future celebrations of National Medical Dosimetrist's Day!

Future Dates
2015: Wednesday, August 19
2016: Wednesday, August 17

"What Is a Medical Dosimetrist?" Flyer:

Download, print and share this flyer with your colleagues, patients, students, family and friends to let them know exactly what you do!

"What Is a Medical Dosimetrist?" Flyer