About Anna Gunilla Carleson Bentel

Anna Gunilla Carleson Bentel was one of the initial officers of the newly incorporated American Association of Medical Dosimetrists. The AAMD articles of incorporation that were filed in the State of Oregon on September 16, 1975 listed Gunilla Bentel as the secretary.

Gunilla's contributions to the field of medical dosimetry go far beyond her involvement with the AAMD. She was an educator, whose passion for her profession resulted in several publications that were designed to increase the understanding of the medical dosimetrist in the practical applications of clinical setups, dose calculations, and treatment planning techniques.

Her first book was "Treatment Planning & Dose Calculation in Radiation Oncology" which she co-authored with Charles E. Nelson and K. Thomas was published in 1989. A second book, "Radiation Therapy Planning" was published in 1992. These books are still used today in the training of both radiation therapists and medical dosimetrists.

Gunilla was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Through out her illness, she continued to pursue her goals of providing better treatment setups and treatment planning techniques, by allowing her own treatment to become part of the learning process. Gunilla died in 2000.

The Gunilla Bentel Scholarship fund was established in 2000 with the dream that one day this scholarship would have funds available to provide financial support to medical dosimetry students. This scholarship is a fitting tribute to Gunilla, who constantly strove to provide educational experiences that were practical in application, yet always looking for improvement and innovation.

The AAMD Education and Research Foundation is proud to offer these merit scholarships to medical dosimetry students who share Gunilla's passion for the profession.


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